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The Summer Abode Box – Embrace Modern Outdoor Living

As the golden hue of summer casts its warm glow, bring the essence of elegant outdoor living right to your doorstep with our exclusive Summer Abode Box. Curated with the inspiring vibes of summertime gatherings in mind, this box is your key to unlocking a season filled with stylish outdoor dining and serene alfresco activities. Dive into a carefully selected collection that balances modern functionality with organic beauty, perfectly tailored for the aesthete in you.

What’s Inside the Summer Abode Box?

Outdoor Melamine Dinner Plates (Set of Four): Crafted to blend durability with style, these plates feature a sleek, minimalist design in a chic black or cream color scheme. Perfect for a summer BBQ or a quiet dinner under the stars. Select your choice of plate color.

Outdoor Acrylic Drinkware (Set of Four): Whether it's a refreshing lemonade or an evening cocktail, these robust and stylish cups are designed to add a touch of sophistication to any outdoor beverage experience. Select your choice of drinkware style.

Seagrass Napkin Caddy: Keep your summer linens organized and within reach with this naturally beautiful seagrass caddy. Its earthy tones and organic texture bring a hint of rustic charm to your table setting. Pick your favorite Napkin Caddy Shape.

Ceramic Wind Chime: Complete your outdoor ambiance with this elegant wind chime. It combines soothing tones with modern design, making it not just a visual but an auditory delight as well.

Why subscribe the Summer Abode Box?

From the moment you unwrap the Summer Abode Box, you'll be transported to a world of chic, outdoor splendor. Designed with an eye for modern, uncluttered aesthetics using black, creams, and organic materials, each element in this home decor box promises not only utility but also a statement of style.

Order today and be among the first to experience the charm and utility of the Summer Abode Box. Whether hosting a sunset soiree or enjoying a quiet morning with nature, these essentials are designed to enhance every moment. The box harmoniously blends with any decor, offering you endless possibilities to create memorable outdoor settings.

Shipping Details:

The Summer Abode Box is in-stock and will ship in 3-5 business days.

Elevate Your Outdoor Space:

Each Summer Abode Box item has been thoughtfully chosen to enhance your outdoor living experience. Imagine clinking glasses with friends during golden hour or enjoying a family meal adorned with elements that speak of pure sophistication and relaxation.

Don't miss out on making this summer unforgettable. Order your Summer Abode Box now and transform your outdoor space into a modern, cozy, and stylish retreat that captivates and comforts. Elevate, entertain, and enjoy – your ultimate summer experience awaits!

Modern Outdoor Living is Here!

Our Summer Abode Box is a curated collection of modern, organic essentials that will transform your patio, deck, or backyard into a serene oasis perfect for al fresco dining, relaxation, and making unforgettable memories with friends and family.

Items in the Summer Abode Box are:

Item #1: Choice of Dinner Plates (set of four)

Black Dinner Plates: The set of black dinner plates is made of a durable plant based + melamine material. These plates mimic the aesthetic of ceramic and glass while being durable and ideal for both indoor and outdoor entertaining. These plates are completely BPA-free, food and dishwasher safe.

Cream Dinner Plates: The set of cream dinner plates is made of a microwave safe material of wheat straw + food-safe polypropylene. These dinnerware pieces are truly durable and ideal for both indoor and outdoor entertaining. These plates are completely BPA-free, food, and dishwasher safe.

Item #2: Choice of Acrylic Drinkware (set of four)

Stackable Goblets: The simplicity and clean, modern lines of these glasses will add beauty to your outdoor dining this summer. Being stackable makes for easy storage and great for everyday use. The durability of the acrylic material makes them ideal for both indoor and outdoor entertaining. The Stackable Goblets hold 9.4oz, are made of premium acrylic, and are dishwasher safe.

Beaded Wine Glasses: Textural and trendy are these beaded, stemless wine glasses. This glasses with rows of raised dots will bring lots of fun to your outdoor happy hours this summer. The Beaded Wine Glasses are hold 15oz,  are made of premium acrylic, and dishwasher safe. They are a perfect addition to your outdoor BBQs, beach afternoons, or patio dinner parties this season.

Item #3: Choice of Seagrass Napkin Caddy (choice of Square or Rectangle)

The Seagrass Napkin Holders are a great functional and stylish addition to the Summer Abode Box. The seagrass material adds beautiful organic texture to your indoor or outdoor tablescape this summer. The square holder is a great fit for standard size or cocktail napkins. While the rectangle holder is perfect for larger, linen napkins.

Item #4: Decorative Ceramic Windchime

Ceramic windchimes add charm to your patio or interior when hung or arrayed next to garden planters or décor. These decorative pieces will add a modern, organic touch to any outdoor space.

We are excited to offer you two ways to subscribe to the best home decor subscription box in the market.

Abode Box offers two Home Decor Box Subscription plans - Quarterly and Yearly subscriptions.

The Quarterly Subscription includes one Abode Box every three months. The Quarterly Subscription is billed and automatically renewed every three months.

The Yearly Subscription includes one Abode Box every three months, pre-paid for the full year. The Yearly Subscription is billed and automatically renewed every year.

The Yearly Abode Box Subscription plan includes a 10% discount for the year!

Both plans can be paused or cancelled at anytime.

Subscribe to Abode Box now and enjoy effortless home decorating every three months!