In-Drawer 3-Tier Bamboo Spice Rack


Elevate your kitchen organization to new heights with our in-drawer bamboo spice rack holder. Specifically crafted to optimize space, this spice rack is the solution to unclutter your countertops and cabinets, presenting a neat, organized kitchen environment.

This Spice Rack holder is an elegant addition to any kitchen, featuring sleek bamboo construction. It's an environmentally responsible choice, exuding a warm, natural charm that pairs perfectly with our bamboo spice containers.


  • Highlights a 100% bamboo construction, fostering durability and longevity.
  • Designed to fit snugly into most standard kitchen drawers for efficient organization.
  • Easy to clean and maintain, ensuring your kitchen remains sophisticated and orderly.
  • Pairs perfectly with bamboo spice containers for a unified aesthetic.
  • Ample space designed to store a variety of spice jars and bottles of varying sizes.
  • Improved accessibility with slanted shelves, swiftly find the spice you need without any fuss.
  • Nixon-resistant nature of bamboo ensures your spice rack remains in peak condition for years to come.

Invest in our in-drawer bamboo spice rack holder. It's not just a kitchen organizer; it's a spice rack holder that revolutionizes your cooking space while enhancing your culinary experience. A ticket to a less mess, less stress, and more delicious home cooking. Experience the blend of convenience, sustainability, functionality, and style, all in this one versatile bamboo spice rack holder.

Dimensions: 15" Length x 8" Width x 2" Height